Study Guide

Allegiant Chapter 11: Tris

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 11: Tris

  • The gang leaps off the train and has to walk ten minutes to the trucks that will take them outside the fence.
  • What seems like a nice leisurely walk through the country turns bloody when gunshots go off and Tori dies.
  • Tris tries to act like she actually cares about Tori, thinking "I remember following her into the aptitude test room, my eyes on her hawk tattoo" (11.28), but it sounds like she just cared about that awesome tat.
  • Tris runs from the gunfire and finds Christina, who is in a truck with Johanna. They've seen Cara and Uriah… but no Tobias.
  • Tris is worried about Tobias for a whole paragraph, but she finds him in the next one, along with Cara, Caleb, and Peter.
  • Tobias was shot in the arm, but he's fine. And they're out of the city. This is the beginning of a fabulous road trip.

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