Chapter 13: Tris

  • Tris feels like the landscape is "an interrupted sentence" (13.3). What does that make her? A misplaced modifier/? A dangling participle? The Oxford comma?
  • Johanna parks the truck and says goodbye to Robert. If you're wondering who this Robert dude could possibly be, take a look back in Divergent, where he was mentioned a couple of times.
  • The gang walks along the train tracks and to explore the surroundings. Tris is weirded out by all "strange pictures of people with skin so smooth they hardly look like people anymore" (13.11). Tris, meet PhotoShop. It can make you look like Shailene Woodley and Jeanine look like Kate Winslet.
  • Before Tris can figure out what Coca-Cola is or be persuaded into buying a cream rinse for her hair, a giant truck rumbles up. A woman named Zoe gets out with Amar, the man who was Tobias's trainer—the man Tobias thought was dead.
  • Tobias is kind of freaked out, and Tris observes: "It's not every day you see someone you care about come back from the dead" (13.26). Well, it has been a while since his mother faked her own funeral.
  • For a brief second, Tris wonders if any of her friends or family might still be alive.
  • Zoe tells the gang that she and Amar work for the organization that founded the city, and she gives Tris a photograph of her mother. Does she just carry that around all the time, or what?
  • Tris and pals decide to trust these people and hope for the best. Off they go, down the yellow brick road. Well, the metal-and-wood train track, actually, but that doesn't have the same ring to it.

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