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Allegiant Chapter 15: Tris

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 15: Tris

  • Tris recognizes David from the photograph she has of her mother. No, David isn't her mom, but David is the guy who is with her mom. A younger, fitter, hotter David, that is.
  • David's the leader of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, which is an offshoot of what used to be the United States government.
  • What is this United States government thing, you ask? It was a large governing body that failed completely. Supply your own joke here, folks: it's just too easy for us.
  • Evidently, the U.S. government had started doing genetic testing to weed out "cowardice, dishonesty, [and] low intelligence" (15.15) from its citizens.
  • That backfired, we guess, when everyone in government wiped themselves out…
  • Er, well, actually, the problem in this book is that the experiments went wrong, and people with damaged genes waged war against those with pure genes in something call the Purity War.
  • David shows the gang a slide depicting how the population of the country was decimated during the conflict. ("This is your country… this is your country on the Purity War. Any questions?")
  • Once the smoke cleared, people decided to cram all the genetically damaged people into cities and watch them breed until they produced "genetically healed humans" (15.30), a.k.a. the Divergent.
  • The non-Divergent among these people try to come to terms with the fact that is they're not Divergent, which means that they're basically damaged.
  • Tris tries to come to terms with the fact that the Bureau has been watching them this whole time.
  • Tris finds a moment to yell at David for not helping her mother before she goes to her bedroom.
  • In the hotel, Cara wonders what the point of the Allegiant even is, if they're all just some big social experiment in the end.
  • That night, Tris and Tobias try to process everything (has their whole life been a lie?), and they push their cots together.

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