Study Guide

Allegiant Chapter 19: Tris

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 19: Tris

  • After Tobias stomps out of the lab, Tris doesn't follow him.
  • Tris thinks Tobias is the same person. She doesn't see him any differently because some people think he's damaged.
  • Tris is immediately jealous of Nita for daring to talk to Tobias when she isn't around.
  • Zoe pops up and says they've scheduled a plane flight to leave in two hours.
  • After a snow delay, Tris flies on the plane and ends up experiencing a 36-hour layover in Atlanta‚Ķ
  • Okay, not really. Tris and her friends (sans Tobias) go up in the plane and are amazed at how big the world really is.
  • That evening, Tris cracks open her mom's journal. Her past is pretty horrific: she killed a man and got snatched by a guy in a van. The guy tested her genes, which were high-quality denim, and took her to the Bureau because she was so genetically perfect. Nothing comes between Tris's mom and her Calvin Klein genes.
  • Tris talks to Christina about these revelations, and they wonder if they'll ever be able to call the Bureau "home."
  • We learn that home is not were Tris's brother is. He walks in, and Tris leaves the room without talking to him or even making eye contact.

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