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Allegiant Chapter 2: Tobias

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 2: Tobias

  • Tobias starts pulling his weight in the narration of this novel.
  • Tobias doesn't like being at the war-torn former Erudite compound. You'd think someone could have swept up the broken glass by now. Does no one own a broom?
  • Wearing an armband with the factionless symbol (it's an empty circle), Tobias gains admittance to the cellblock where Tris is being held.
  • Tobias brings news of what's going on: Evelyn doesn't think anyone should leave the city "just to help a bunch of people who shoved [them] in" (2.14) there in the first place. Well, well: our interest is piqued.
  • Oh, also: there's going to be a trial, and Tris will probably be convicted as a traitor.
  • Internally, Tobias is torn. He kind of agrees with his mother, but at the same time, he wants to leave.
  • Tris and Tobias decide that Tris will be interrogated first. She can resist the truth serum and make up a lie that will save herself, Christina, and Cara.
  • Before Tobias leaves, they engage in a little PG-13 conjugal visit: a smooch between the bars.

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