Study Guide

Allegiant Chapter 21: Tris

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 21: Tris

  • At breakfast, Tobias gets so mad at Tris for failing to understand why he's upset (he's not upset about being damaged; he's upset about Marcus), that he can't even bring himself to finish his muffin.
  • Tris turns to her mother's journal for comfort.
  • Mom writes that she's supposed to go into the city, join Dauntless, and transfer to Erudite to track the killer (she must be talking about Jeanine).
  • Tris wonders why her mother joined Abnegation instead. Then she realizes that she can just keep reading and find out.
  • Turns out she did it because she met Andrew, Tris's dad, and they fell in love and chose Abnegation together. How sweet.

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