Study Guide

Allegiant Chapter 27: Tris

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 27: Tris

  • Nita wants some sort of passcode from David, so she injects him with a truth serum.
  • Unfortunately, the truth serum just makes him point out the fact that Tris is standing right behind her.
  • Tris pops some caps into a few arms and grabs David from behind.
  • Then Tris puts her gun to David's head. Whoa.
  • Tris says she'll bust a cap in him just to keep anybody from getting the death serum.
  • Using David as a meat shield, Tris starts to back away, but a red-haired woman (probably Mary, but Tris doesn't know her name) shoots him in the leg and Tris in the arm.
  • Tris dives into the hallway just as reinforcements arrive and take the rebels into custody.

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