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Allegiant Chapter 32: Tris

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 32: Tris

  • Tris is called to David's office. ("Paging the girl who used me as a human shield…")
  • David's in a wheelchair now. He has Tris push him around a bit, and then he reveals a proposition for her: he wants her to train for a position on the governing council.
  • Tris says yes, eager for this opportunity to get some behind-the-scenes info from the evil ladies and gentlemen in charge.
  • David tells Tris that he wanted her mother to do this, way back in the day, but she had to go and run off to the city and die and stuff.
  • Tris asks David a little more about his relationship with her mother.
  • David says he and Tris's mother were close. They were both orphans.
  • That's all David says, but Tris starts feeling sympathy for him.
  • When David says that he wants there to be a high level of trust between them, Tris reminds him that she would have killed him if she had to.
  • David says he actually admires that part of her, the part that would "make sacrifices for the greater good" (32.48).
  • Before she leaves, Tris asks what would have happened if they had tried to blow up the Weapons Lab.
  • Short answer: everyone would be dead.
  • Long answer: a serum would be released that even the genetically pure couldn't fight off. Then everyone would be dead.

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