Study Guide

Allegiant Chapter 50: Tris

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 50: Tris

  • David can't believe that Tris is immune to death serum.
  • Tris yells at David about basically causing her mother's death. This just makes him angrier.
  • Taking a page from the Bad Guy's Final Monologue Handbook, Tris tells David what her plan is: to release the memory serum and brainwash them all.
  • Then Tris lunges for the device and activates it.
  • Fun fact: Tris is immune to death serum.
  • Not-so-fun fact: Tris is not immune to bullets.
  • David shoots Tris, and she dies.
  • Seriously, the main character dies. Tris sees her mother, who is also—unlike Tobias's mom—dead. Tris follows her into the afterlife.

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