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Allegiant Chapter 7: Tris

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 7: Tris

  • Christina is turning a piece of coal over and over in her hand. Looks like she was on Santa's bad list this year.
  • Christina and Tris talk about how out of the ten transfer initiates, only six of them are still alive. "And of the nice ones," [Tris] say[s], "It's just you, me, and… Myra" (7.5).
  • Okay, two things Tris: You're hardly one of the "nice" ones, and who in the flipping heck is Myra?(The last time we even thought about her was way back in Divergent, when we called her "the worst fighter" in the book.)
  • Tris and Christina meet up with Zeke and Uriah and dream of leaving the city.
  • The next day, Jeanine announces a bunch of new rules.
  • The new rules are: 1) There will be a curfew, and 2) Everyone will do all jobs on a rotation schedule. She must have got the idea from My First Communist Compound: A Golden Book.
  • After the meeting, Tris saves a Candor boy who is getting beaten up (and who never factors into the plot again) before she gets kidnapped by… someone.
  • The kidnapper puts a bag over her head and drags her away.
  • The kidnapper tells her, "We are the Allegiant. […] We are many, yet we are no one…" (7.62). How mysterious.
  • Tris is told to meet the Allegiant tomorrow at midnight "in the place where [she] made [her] confession." (7.73). We're not talking about the Catholic Church down the street; we're talking about the Candor headquarters.
  • When Tris gets back to her room, there's a note from Tobias informing her that Caleb's trial is tomorrow. That's not a very good bedtime story: Once upon a time, your brother was executed for treason...

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