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Allegiant Chapter 8: Tris

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 8: Tris

  • Tris tries to decide if she cares about Caleb being executed or not.
  • Pushing that aside, Tris rounds up her friends to go pledge their allegiance to the Allegiant. (Sorry, we had to.)
  • On the way there, Tris and company wonder why Cara isn't with them.
  • It turns out that Cara is part of the Allegiant, along with Johanna Reyes, Zeke, Toriā€¦ you know, all the usual suspects.
  • The Allegiant want to send a group of people outside the fence: "Christina, Tris, Tobias, Tori, Zeke, and Peter" (8.79)... because selfish violent traitors are such good team players.
  • Zeke and Uriah switch places because Zeke wants to stay and take care of Shauna.
  • The shortest meeting among revolutionaries ever concludes with them deciding to leave the next night.

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