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Allegiant Epilogue: Two and a Half Years Later

By Veronica Roth

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Epilogue: Two and a Half Years Later

  • It's the day Tobias decides to scatter Tris's ashes, the day that would be Choosing Day if they still had factions.
  • Tobias first takes Evelyn to his apartment. They talk about how he is a politician's assistant now, and about how Marcus disappeared. Good riddance, are we right?
  • Evelyn gives Tobias the piece of blue glass that always reminded her of him and of how brave he is.
  • Speaking of brave, the ash-scattering ceremony involves zip-lining down from the top of the Hancock building.
  • Since this is an epilogue, we're going to learn along the way what happens to the few characters who are still alive.
  • Shauna has braces and might walk again. (Haven't you been dying to know what happened to Shauna?)
  • Caleb works in a lab, and people don't hate him as much as they used to.
  • Cara wears her hair in a braid. Oh, and she works with Caleb in the lab.
  • Christina works in an office.
  • Zeke and Amar are policemen, and George trains them.
  • Tobias clarifies that he's Johanna Reyes's assistant.
  • Tobias is also doing his best to cope with memories of Tris. He's not as sad now, and he knows she'll always be with him.
  • Well, his memories of Tris will. Her ashes won't. After a lot of panicking, Tobias finally does the zip-line, scattering Tris's ashes behind him like a contrail.
  • Afterward, Tobias walks away with Christina, who gives him a little pep talk: "You know what I'm holding on for? […] The moments that don't suck […] The trick is to notice them when they come around" (Epilogue.117, Epilogue.120).
  • Tobias agrees. Everyone is damaged, but: "We can be mended. We mend each other" (Epilogue.123).
  • The end.

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