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Allegiant Family

By Veronica Roth

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How far back have you traced your family tree? Just a few leaves? Figured out a couple dozen branches? Or have you dug deep, all the way to the roots? It can be a lot of work to learn about your heritage, but in Allegiant, all the work has been done for Tris and her friends. They find huge family trees in the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. How nice of the Bureau to go all for the people of Chicago, right?

Despite the huge element of 1984-style creepiness in the Bureau's voyeuristic actions, the results help Tris figure out who she is. The more she knows about where she came from, the easier it is to figure out where she's going.

Questions About Family

  1. How do Tris's mother's journals cause Tris to view her mother differently?
  2. Were you surprised that Tobias disowns Marcus? Would it even be possible for him to make up with his father?
  3. Why did it take Evelyn so long to choose Tobias over her position of power in the city? What made her change her mind?
  4. Does having a close family cause Uriah or Christina to act differently from Tris or Tobias?

Chew on This

Tris is closer to her mother in death than to her mother in life, because her mother's journals show her that they have a lot in common, things that her mom never shared with her in life.

Tobias decides that loyalty is more important than family. He would have disowned Evelyn, too, if she had chosen the city over him

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