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Allegiant Guilt and Regret

By Veronica Roth

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Guilt and Regret

Man, it's like the entire cast of the Divergent series cut in line when they were dishing out guilt-and-regret sundaes and then ate so much they broke the ice cream machine. Now they're all rolling on the ground moaning, and Amity's not around to hand out the Pepto Bismol. It ain't pretty, folks.

Fortunately, the dyspepsia has subsided a bit by the time we get to Allegiant.

We're here to look at how the characters inside Allegiant feel about what's going on. Tris seems like she's finally over all her guilt from the past; Tobias is making new mistakes to feel guilty about; and some people in the Allegiant seem to regret leaving the city in the first place. After all the guilt that drove the last installment, it's no surprise to see these themes continue.

Questions About Guilt and Regret

  1. Is Tris still feeling guilty about anything she did in the previous two books? How does she deal with this?
  2. Does Caleb actually regret allying with Jeanine and betraying Tris, or does his refusal to apologize for it mean he's not actually feeling guilty about it?
  3. Tris doesn't want Caleb to sacrifice himself out of guilt, but does her sacrifice have anything to do with her own personal guilt?
  4. The former Abnegation members (like Tris and Tobias) make a huge deal out of guilt. Do the other factions feel the same way about this emotion?

Chew on This

Guilt is Tobias's major driving emotion in this book. It's his guilt over injuring Uriah that causes him to rethink his decisions and commit to making different choices in the future.

It's Tris's guilt that fuels her drive toward self-sacrifice, not love for Tobias and her friends.

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