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Allegiant Lies and Deceit

By Veronica Roth

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Lies and Deceit

The government has everyone's best interests at heart. People aren't "genetically damaged"—they're just down on their luck. The faction system was a great idea. Tris actually lives at the end.

Okay, all those things are dirty, dirty lies. All the deception in this book must have rubbed off on us. Allegiant? More like A-LIE-giant, if you ask us.



Questions About Lies and Deceit

  1. How would the events of Allegiant have played out differently if the government had been honest with everyone from the beginning? Is honesty even possible in this situation?
  2. Here's a dilemma that affects Tobias: is omitting details the same as lying?
  3. Why do Tris and Tobias decide to finally be honest with one another? Do they succeed?

Chew on This

Basically all the drama in Allegiant comes from lies. From Tris and Tobias lying to each other to the government lying to, well, everyone, Allegiant is a delicious sandwich filled with lies.

In the end, Tris erases the memories of everyone in the Bureau. She's essentially making everyone continue living a lie.

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