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Allegiant Sacrifice

By Veronica Roth

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A sacrifice can be different things. It can be something you give up for the sake of a better cause (like giving up a five-dollar coffee a day to save money, or giving up 12 hours of your day to spend on the treadmill in order to win The Biggest Loser), or it can be something you kill (like an animal) in order to appease a god.

Allegiant is kind of a combination of both, as Tris ends up sacrificing herself for a better cause. (Or, at least, a different cause.) It's up to you, o reader, to decide whether or not her noble sacrifice was worth it… or do you demand more?

Questions About Sacrifice

  1. Why does Tris sacrifice herself? Does she do the right thing?
  2. Are selflessness and self-sacrifice the same thing?
  3. Was Caleb sacrificing himself for the "wrong" reasons, as Tris believes?
  4. Do any other characters make any sacrifices during the novel?

Chew on This

Tris's sacrifice is selfless because she gives her life to save both her brother and the lives of all her friends.

Tris's sacrifice is totally selfish because she has always dreamed of sacrificing herself for the greater good; she's been waiting for the right moment for three books. What will Tobias and her friends do without her?

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