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Allegiant The Home

By Veronica Roth

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The Home

There are enough inspirational quotes about the home to fill every room of your house (even the bathroom): "Home is Where the Heart Is." "Home is Wherever I'm With You." "Home is Where the Wi-Fi Connects Automatically."

If you're looking for a good housewarming gift for Tobias, might we suggest hitting up Etsy for a plaque that says "Home is Where Your Mother isn't a Power-Hungry Tyrant Anymore" or "Home is Where the Rules of Your Oppressive Government Regime Don't Apply" or "Home is Where You Go After You Kill Your Friend and Decide to Turn Over a New Leaf." And if those don't exist… well, take advantage of that niche and start making some inspirational wall art of your own.

Questions About The Home

  1. Why does Tris miss Chicago while Tobias does not?
  2. What is Tobias looking for in a home? Does he find one?
  3. Could the Bureau have ever felt like home to Tris and her friends?
  4. Why do some people choose to make the Fringe their home? Do you think this will change after the events at the end of the book?

Chew on This

Both Tris and Tobias have to make a home where they are accepted for who they are, rather than be labeled and put into a little box by society.

People live in the Fringe because they want to live on their own terms; they consider this preferable to being controlled.

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