Study Guide

Alligator Bayou Chapter 13

By Donna Jo Napoli

Chapter 13

  • The party is packed and bumpin', but as the only non-African Americans there, Calo and his family stand out like neon pants at the symphony. They all feel really awkward, especially the ones who don't speak English.
  • Giuseppe and Rosario are incredibly nervous, but Francesco goes off to try to make some friends.
  • Charles and Rock come to talk to the boys. Calo doesn't want to leave his uncles all alone, so only Cirone goes off with them. And then, one by one, his uncles all find something to do, leaving Calo all alone, so he scoots up to hang with Uncle Carlo. They eat a whole bunch of different delicious foods.
  • Calo finally spies Patricia across the party, but she is really busy, and people keep congratulating her and talking with her. Calo feels like he can't interrupt.
  • Everyone dances except Calo, because he's looking out for the girl he wants to talk to. He sees her, but someone takes her off to dance right away, and by the end of the night, he hasn't spoken to her even once.
  • Feeling pretty emo, Calo gets permission to go and give Patricia his gift. She promises not to open it until she sees him again.
  • Patricia asks Calo if he ate enough food, and he says, "More than enough." He means it in a nice way, but he worries later (after finding out she made the alligator) that she might think he didn't like it.

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