Study Guide

Alligator Bayou Chapter 14

By Donna Jo Napoli

Chapter 14

  • Calo lies in bed fully dressed, waiting for his uncles to finally go to sleep already—then he sneaks out of the house and runs to Patricia's.
  • Calo's goat follows him. He can't get her go away, so he runs and runs, trying to lose her—but she keeps up. So then Calo runs by Dr. Hodge's house, and sure enough, the goat hops right up onto his porch. It's not a great idea, but Calo's pretty desperate.
  • Goat-free, Calo books it the rest of the way to Patricia's house.
  • Once he gets there, Calo feels really lame standing outside with everyone asleep, and scared that they'll kill him if they wake up. He sees ferns lying on the ground outside of a window, which must be Patricia's, and he calls out for her, waiting forever and feeling even lamer, until he decides to leave.
  • But wait: Patricia comes out and tells him she loves his bowl. They take a walk.
  • Patricia is super smart and looks up to her teacher a ton, in addition to knowing lots about birds.
  • She and Calo talk, and she warns Calo that kissing her could get him into a lot of trouble. He kisses her, anyway; he doesn't care what people think. It's his first kiss. He wants to kiss her again, but she takes off running.
  • So Calo takes off running, too, passing Dr. Hodge's house as the doctor shoos Bedda and Bruttu away. He calls after Calo, saying that the next time they go near his house, he'll shoot them. He calls Calo a dago.
  • Um… Dr. Hodge is creepy and doesn't seem nice at all.

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