Study Guide

Alligator Bayou Chapter 15

By Donna Jo Napoli

Chapter 15

  • It's Sunday again, and Calo walks home from seeing Frank, thinking about how his tutor is leaving at the end of the month. He's asked for painting lessons from now, because he wants to go to school next year.
  • Today Calo painted a picture of an owl for Rocco's birthday.
  • Calo walks by some white boys kicking another boy on the ground, and it turns out to be his cousin. Calo runs over to stop the boys, but they shove him to the ground, too, which messes up his chin.
  • Calo's chin is bleeding, and he tries to make some sense out of what's happening. The white boys insult him and his cousin for being Italian, and a man walks by without helping.
  • The white boys say that it's disgusting to hang out with black people, and they also say that Sicilians are going to ruin white business.
  • Just then—thankfully—Mrs. Rogers's servant Lila comes to their aid and gets the boys out of a worse beating. Cirone isn't looking good, but as they walk home in pain, they agree not to mention what the boys said, since they don't want their uncles to ban them from parties.

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