Study Guide

Alligator Bayou Chapter 18

By Donna Jo Napoli

Chapter 18

  • On the Fourth of July, Cirone is trying to convince Carlo and the other uncles that they should go to the big party at the church, but Carlo refuses, and all the uncles agree that they shouldn't go to a Protestant church.
  • Carlo says he'll make a picnic with frittata, but Cirone is angry about it—he wants to be all-American—so he sulks and complains to Calogero, and then begs to go get ice cream.
  • Francesco gives the boys a nickel, and they take off. Cirone walks toward the church instead, and is pretty stubborn and snappy with Calo, who thinks he is being crazy.
  • Cirone convinces Calo to go to church with him, but they want to bring an offering, so they steal a few limoncello bottles and head to the party.
  • Along the way, they attract one of their goats, Bedda, and some bullies. The bullies catch the goat and threaten to hurt it unless the boys pay. They also call the boys' uncles murderers, saying they shot a sick white man and a boy for stealing a melon.
  • Needless to say, Calo is blown away by this heap of lies, but since he doesn't want anything to happen to Bedda, he gives the bullies his nickel, and away the those bullies run. Probably to get ice cream.
  • When Calo and Cirone arrive at the party, they are sweaty and shirtless—they wrapped the limoncello in one shirt and used the other one to tether the goat—but it doesn't matter to Patricia; she's just glad to see Calogero.
  • Patricia takes her hair ribbons off and ties them around Bedda to keep her in one spot, then hides the liquor in a rose bush.
  • Calo gives Patricia the kiss she asks for and enjoys the barbecue.

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