Study Guide

Alligator Bayou Chapter 19

By Donna Jo Napoli

Chapter 19

  • A few days later, Calo and Patricia walk together to Miliken's Bend on different errands.
  • Patricia tries to convince Calo to join her in hiding if anyone else comes along, but he doesn't want to hide. It is so early that the sun is barely up, but Patricia still thinks he's crazy for being so bold; they could be killed.
  • Bravely, Calo says he doesn't care what people say, because Patricia is his girl.
  • Patricia, however, lets Calo know that she isn't giving her heart to him just yet. Calo feels foolish, because he would totally offer his heart to her on a silver platter right now.
  • Patricia and Calo walk the long dirt road and talk, and she tells him they should go visit her teacher Miss Clarrie while they're there.
  • The sun rises slowly, and Calo and Patricia watch the flowers in the field open. Calo thinks it is amazing. Seems like Patricia planned it that way.
  • Seeing a wagon coming up the road, Patricia and Calo duck and hide in the cotton field.
  • Patricia and Calo resume walking and enjoy an uneventful trip to Miliken's Bend, talking the whole way.

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