Study Guide

Alligator Bayou Chapter 20

By Donna Jo Napoli

Chapter 20

  • Once they are near town, Patricia makes it crystal clear that Calo should not follow her or act like he knows her well, even though he wants to keep hanging out.
  • Calo looks through the windows of the shops and thinks about what he'd buy if he had money. Then he runs into Salvatore and Salvatore's dad, Beppe. They are happy to see him and take him into their store.
  • Calo invites them to the festa, the party for St. Rosalia that they are throwing soon.
  • Catching Calo drooling over Patricia as she walks by, Salvatore teases him. Calo soon takes off for Miss Clarrie's house, where he and Patricia visit with her teacher, who is very smart and supportive.
  • It turns out that Miss Clarrie is really looking forward to having Calo join her class—it'll raise her pay, and on top of that, Calo can read well.
  • Even though Miss Clarrie doesn't make much money, she still buys postcards and gives them to her students to encourage them to travel and see the world.

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