Study Guide

Alligator Bayou Chapter 22

By Donna Jo Napoli

Chapter 22

  • At Frank Raymond's house, Calo is scolded for not painting well enough. Frank seems grumpy today, and so does his student.
  • Frank got fired from his mural-painting job at the saloon because Calo's uncle was selling liquor, and Frank rants at Calo about it. This isn't Calo's fault, of course, but Frank is being unfair and insulting Calo, anyway.
  • Instead of getting upset with his tutor, though, Calo invites Frank to dinner, and Frank accepts.
  • Then Calo tells Frank that he is moody because so many people hate Sicilians for no reason, calling them murderers and worse than trash. Frank says they're all idiots, but it doesn't make Calo feel better.
  • So Calo continues to tell Frank what is really bugging him: he wanted to work today, Tournament Day, so that he could see inside of a steamboat, but nobody would hire him.
  • All of the sudden, Frank declares that they are going out. First stop? The festivities in town.
  • Frank and Calo walk through the festivities, but a man yells at them and criticizes Frank for acting too big for his britches. The two of them watch from a side street instead.
  • At first Calo is kind of amused, but then being kicked out and hated on gets to him and he starts bumming about life.
  • Because he's nice, Frank tries to cheer Calo up by saying it's time to go see a steamboat. However, they need horses to get there, and the horses are tied up to the wagon, so… no steamboat, after all.
  • Frank and Calo are both are pretty angry and sad, but Frank tries to cheer Calo up by describing to him what the inside of the boat looks like and what the food smells like.
  • Then Calo takes Frank to his house for supper.

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