Study Guide

Alligator Bayou Chapter 23

By Donna Jo Napoli

Chapter 23

  • In the dead of the night, someone bangs on the front door and wakes everyone up. It is Dr. Hodge, and he is piping mad about the goats waking him up again.
  • Dr. Hodge threatens to shoot the goats next time and says Francesco had better tie them up.
  • Calo's uncle lets Bedda sleep inside. He tells Calo that he is now in charge of tying Bedda's legs together at night so that she can't wander.
  • Everyone hits the hay again, but Cirone makes fun of Dr. Hodge and says he looks like a giant turtle. Calo wants to know how his cousin knows what a turtle looks like, and he discovers that Cirone has gone out to the swamp with the guys.
  • Calo is super jealous and can't believe he's lost his friends to Cirone. He wants back into the group something fierce.
  • At dinner the next night, everyone enjoys the discussion with Frank and Father May. They talk about religious matters and get into a heated argument, but it all ends up okay.
  • Carlo brings out his first attempt at sweet potato pieā€¦ and no one like it. (Fast fact: Sweet potato pie is the bomb diggety.)
  • Later, after everyone is asleep and their guests are gone, Cirone and Calo sneak out to meet their friends, but they are pretty gosh darn late due to the dinner party.
  • Rock is ticked off that Cirone and Calo are late and says he only stayed after the other guys went home to bed to tell the boys to go home, too. They all have to work tomorrow.
  • Suddenly, a gunshot rings out, and the boys run.

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