Study Guide

Alligator Bayou Chapter 25

By Donna Jo Napoli

Chapter 25

  • Calo fakes running away, but he turns around and runs to the slaughterhouse.
  • Standing about outside are small groups of white people and small groups of black people talking. Tons of people are there, like at the tournaments, and while Calo is terrified of being caught, he can't stand not knowing what is happening inside.
  • Calo pulls himself up to see through a side window.
  • Inside, a few of his uncles are tied up on their knees and Blander the barber and Frank are there arguing with Mr. Rogers that the Sicilians need a trial and that Hodge is, you know, alive. But everyone ignores this.
  • Rogers questions Giuseppe, who can't respond, and he calls that the trial.
  • Another man decides he's tired of Blander and Frank defending the Italians, so he points a gun at Raymond while someone else puts a noose around Giuseppe's neck. Just then Rock and Ben snag Calo and a huge cheer goes up from the crowd of white people inside. Something has just happened.
  • Calo's friends tell him to run away. They want to go with him, but he says he's got to go alone.
  • The boys tell Calo to take off his shirt. Then each boy tears it in half and ties a piece to his ankle to throw off any hounds tracking Calo down. Patricia begs Calo to go and says she'll never forget him.

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