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American Born Chinese Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Danny & Chin-Kee

  • The chapter opens with a drawing that comes out of nowhere: a buck-toothed, braided ponytail-ed, Chinese guy with slanted eyes and a title that says "Everyone Ruvs Chin-Kee." If you're feeling confused, hang on because it's about to get even more confusing.
  • Danny—this white, teenaged boy—is at home studying chemistry with his friend/crush Melanie, a pretty, blonde, white girl.
  • He's just about to tell Melanie about his feelings for her when his mom announces that—alarm bells—his cousin Chin-Kee has just arrived.
  • Chin-Kee enters and it's like a Chinese stereotype fiesta. Chin-Kee has buckteeth, a traditional single long braid down his back, an old school Chinese outfit straight out of the 1900s, and a Chinese accent that would make you cringe.
  • He says all the wrong things—and we do mean all. He immediately hits on Melanie by commenting on her chest and saying that she ought to bear his children.
  • Not, as you can see, a great houseguest. Or even a great cousin.
  • Then Danny's mom announces that Chin-Kee will be going to school with Danny the next day. Go ahead and groan. We feel for Danny too.

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