Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 1

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 1

  • Luke hears his mother calling out his "order to hide", which seems like something that happens a lot.
  • Normally, Luke obeys promptly, but since today is the day the ominous and mysterious "they" are taking the woods away, he lingers a bit and enjoys some time communing with nature.
  • Later on, at family dinner, Luke asks why his family sold the woods.
  • Simple. The Government wanted it and the Government got it. Luke's parents didn't have much say in the matter. (And by that, we really mean they didn't have any say in the matter.)
  • Luke's parents aren't in a position to start challenging the Government since they kind of already did that once with Luke.
  • It seems like the Government plans on building houses on the land. Luke's mom theorizes that city people or government workers will be the ones moving in.
  • Luke takes this opportunity ask if he'll have to stay away from the windows when people move into the houses.
  • Wrong move, Luke. This question makes his father furiousand he shouts that Luke should be staying away from the windows now.
  • Luke knows that it'll be bad news bears if someone sees him. But like, what's the worst that could happen? Er, maybe death?
  • Luke's older brother, Mark, complains that Luke won't have to do chores. In response, his even older brother, Matthew, says Luke doesn't do much anyway so his efforts won't be missed.
  • Right before a quarrel breaks out, the sound of someone coming up the driveway startles the family. Like The Flash Luke jumps up and heads straight for the door to the back stairs
  • Just as quickly, Luke's mother stashes his dinner plate away, moves his chair from the table, and "hide[s] all evidence that Luke existed" (1.24).