Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 12

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 12

  • It's harvest time and everyone is working harder and longer, leaving Luke with even more time to himself. Bummer.
  • He isn't watching the Sports Family as obsessively now since he knows there's another third child. What else could he do about it? Play dates are definitely out of the question.
  • Still, Luke can't help devising a plan in his head on how to sneak over and meet the other kid.
  • Every day he thinks about how he'd do it, but here's the thing: if he's serious about sneaking out, he has to do it soon before the leaves start to fall, taking away nature's camouflage.
  • Finally it's time. Today's the day. Now or never. Use it or lose it. Etc. Anyway, Luke waits until everyone leaves, gets up, jams out to some "Eye of the Tiger," goes downstairs, and heads out the back door.