Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 15

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 15

  • Right off the bat, she thinks Luke is lying.
  • But then she shifts gears and guesses that he must be another shadow child.
  • Naturally, Luke is confused at this term and then promptly stunned when the girl comes right out and says that they're both third children breaking the law. Gee, someone is quite secure with her identity.
  • Suddenly, the girl remembers the alarm that is going off and immediately calls her father to tell the security guards to back off.
  • Luke is amazed at everything from the fact that the Sports Family has security guards to how nonchalantly the girl talks about shadow children.
  • The girl notices that Luke is getting uncomfortable or scared or nervous or all of the above. To ease him a bit, she sits him down so they can introduce themselves and get to know each other.
  • This is where we learn that the girl's name is Jennifer Rose Talbot. Or just Jen.
  • Their conversation drifts to the subject of Luke having never met anyone outside his immediate family.
  • Turns out that Luke's new shadow child friend is nothing like him.
  • Jen has met people outside her family and gets away with not hiding as well thanks to her parents' awesome bribery skills. But she still questions how Luke knew that she was hiding, so he has to start all the way back at the beginning with the woods coming down.
  • Jen is entranced with his story and is equally as amazed as Luke is with their difference in lifestyle.
  • And then she swears to him that his hiding days are over.