Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 20

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 20

  • What's white and fluffy and great for making tracks? Snow.
  • So, Luke's not too sure how much he'll see of Jen in the winter. But it turns out, the weather doesn't get in the way much. And Luke is getting much more comfortable with his trek between houses.
  • Luke's dad is also keeping out of the way since he is now doing his own research on hydroponics at the library. Luke definitely gets a feather in his cap for suggesting that one.
  • Back at the Talbots', Luke and Jen are chatting with the other shadow children on the topic of fake I.D.'s.
  • Turns out, a lot of shadow children eventually end up living the lives of strangers once they acquire the bogus documents.
  • Jen is vehemently against them. And when we say vehemently, we mean strongly, passionately, fervently against them.
  • We'll let her explain: "Have you all forgotten the rally? We're all gonna get real I.D.'s that say who we really are!!!! WE AREN'T FAKES! WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO HIDE!" (20.14)
  • She doesn't want a fake I.D.: she wants a real one with her real name. In her opinion, a fake I.D. is just another way of hiding. And she has a point.
  • Jen is getting all upset and eventually turns off the computer completely.
  • Alone with Luke, Jen wonders why no one else feels as passionately as she does. He suggests that maybe people have different ways of expressing their feelings.
  • And the more he thinks about it, he realizes that out of his entire family, he handles hiding better than anyone else would. Mad props for Luke!
  • Jen is still riding the rally brain train and needs to make sure that everyone else is on board too. After all, it's only three months away.
  • With Jen preoccupied with her rush upon the Government, Luke is able to sneak out back to his house.