Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 21

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 21

  • Luke's father gets a letter from the Government putting the kibosh on his hydroponics experiments. And they're going to confiscate everything he's already grown.
  • Luke actually helps out with translating all the big words in the letter.
  • But now that his father can't busy himself with his indoor agriculture, Luke is having a harder time sneaking out to Jen's. He only gets out a few times between February and March.
  • During one of their hangouts, Jen tells Luke about a special third child play group her mother had her in when she was younger. One of the other kids in the group even brought a pet (which are also illegal).
  • Barons and government officials are apparently really into breaking the law because they know they'll get away with it.
  • Jen also tells Luke the Government also launched a huge campaign saying how horrible it is for women to be pregnant, and that pregnant women had to go into hiding just like Luke and Jen.
  • Their conversation segues to the topic of sibling betrayal and Jen questions Luke on whether or not his brothers would ever turn him in.
  • Pause for dramatic effect...
  • No way! Matt and Mark would never betray Luke. Even if they're not spending as much time with him as they used to.
  • But the more time he spends with Jen, the less Luke minds. And once spring comes, Luke will be able to sneak over there more often.