Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 25

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 25

  • Well, there's no chance of shut-eye for Luke now. Not after a twilight rendezvous like that.
  • When morning comes Luke tries at every opening to turn on the radio and listen for news about the rally.
  • Except it never comes.
  • Luke is really starting to worry and resorts to trying to switch the back door light on and off (his old signal with Jen) and watching the Talbots' house like he did before he met Jen.
  • Still nothing.
  • He even asks his mom if she's welcomed the new neighbors. But she laughs him off since 1) they're not so new anymore and 2) they're Barons.
  • After a week of no news about Jen, Luke is going out of his mind.
  • And then he comes up with a plan.