Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 28

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 28

  • Luke starts screaming his head off in fear, which is probably the same thing we'd do in that situation.
  • Mr. Talbot tries to get him to calm down but it's useless and somehow in all the commotion, the gun ends up in Luke's hands.
  • Suddenly Jen's dad moves very slowly and is swearing on his daughter's name that he's on Luke's side.
  • This gets Luke to settle down enough for the two of them to talk.
  • Mr. Talbot breaks it down for Luke and says he works for the Population Police but doesn't agree with them. In fact, he tries to sabotage them at every chance.
  • Then it's time for a real history lesson about the famine and Population Law.
  • Jen's dad tells Luke how the famine freaked people out so much that all they cared about was food.
  • Rightfully so. But then this dude General Sherwood came along and only gave the people food. This started the all-controlling and oppressive Government that Luke is familiar with.
  • And even though the Government ignores Barons possessing illegal food like soda and potato chips, the Population Law is still strictly enforced with everyone. Including the Talbots.
  • But Mr. Talbot doesn't agree with the Population Law and says he can snag Luke a fake I.D. tomorrow. And just as he's about to tell Luke to hide, a thumping at the door announces the arrival of the legit Population Police.