Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 30

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 30

  • Meet Lee Grant.
  • "Lee Grant" is Luke's new identity. And it not only comes along with a whole backstory but also a whole new wardrobe.
  • The real Lee Grant recently died and Jen's dad was able to get the fake I.D. super quick.
  • Apparently there's a secret society that helps third children get new identities, like an underground railroad for shadow children.
  • But there's a catch: he has to leave his family and is off to a year-round boarding school.
  • Luke thinks back to when he finally spilled the beans to his parents. Naturally his mother ended up hysterically crying and his father stoically agreed that a new identity was the only chance Luke has for a normal life.
  • For two days afterwards, Mrs. Garner spent all the time she could with Luke, pumping him full of memories.
  • But now Luke is saying his last goodbyes while pretending he's someone else.
  • Mr. Talbot indicates that the charade starts now since he's still bugged.
  • Driving away, Luke thinks about singing Jen's praises when all the third children are freed.
  • Luke looks back at the farm until he can no longer see the only world he's ever known.
  • And then Lee Grant turns to look forward.
  • Dun dun dun.