Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 4

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 4

  • Now Luke knows what his mother meant by "could be worse". Because it just got worse.
  • One morning Luke is denied when trying to enter the kitchen for breakfast. His mom says that room is not safe and off-limits but he can still eat on the steps with the door open (also known as the least awesome consolation prize).
  • All because one of the workers had questioned Luke's dad on why the window shades were drawn on a hot day. (Um? To keep out the sun and keep the house even cooler, maybe?)
  • Anyway, since the construction crews are now there 24/7, the Garners have to take extra precaution in hiding their youngest son.
  • Luke gets it but is still massively (and understandably) bummed out about having to eat on the steps. Not only that, but he gets the Norman Rockwell-esque vision of his parents and brothers eating at the kitchen table like a proper family of four.
  • Luke is super frustrated and angry, but he knows his family is only trying to keep him safe.