Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 5

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 5

  • Not one likes being an outsider, and Luke is no different. Eventually, he gives up even trying to be part of mealtime conversations.
  • One night a thick envelope comes in the mail. It's from the almighty government ordering the Garners to sell their pigs. (Yes, they have pigs.)
  • Apparently, people who will eventually move into the new houses being constructed won't want to live next to a bunch of pigs.
  • Well, neither do the Garners, but those people are moving in anyway. BURN.
  • This is a huge blow to Luke's family. Mrs. Garner says it best by declaring, "Those hogs are our bread and butter" (5.15). We would have said "chops and bacon" but that's because we have a soft spot for bad puns.
  • Great. Now the Garners might have to worry about how they're going to eat, in addition to hiding Luke.