Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 6

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 6

  • Two weeks after the gub'mint's letter, Mr. Garner and his two oldest sons get rid of their pigs while Luke watches from his vent-window in his attic-room.
  • To make matters worse, a tax bill comes on the same day and it is three times what it usually is.
  • Mrs. Garner thinks it a mistake but their neighbors confirm that everyone's taxes have gone up.
  • And it's all due to those fancy schmancy houses going up behind the Garners' farm. Thanks a lot, property value.
  • So, if you're keeping score, this construction nonsense has taken away the woods, the pigs, and now everyone's money.
  • Oh and one more thing: they're taking away Luke's mom, because she's going back to work to earn some more money.
  • Luke starts to ask who's going to stay with him, but stops when he realizes that no one else is having the same surprised reaction.