Study Guide

Among the Hidden Chapter 7

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Chapter 7

  • Luke's daily routine is now filled with a lot of alone time. Lots and lots of alone time.
  • But he keeps himself somewhat entertained by watching Rear Window, er, we mean, checking out the mansions being built and watching potential buyers come to view them.
  • And these aren't just any ol' house hunters. The people looking to move in are called Barons and they are the super duper rich, like the .01%.
  • Luke notices how they dress differently from his family and also counts kids: always two.
  • At one point he envisions a family moving in with only one child and then being able to live with them. We actually think that's a pretty solid idea but he dismisses it as nonsense.
  • When he's done with (or bored of) people-watching from his vent, he rereads some of the few books his family owns. Naturally, his favorites are adventure stories that allow him to be someone other than Luke Garner for a while.
  • The highlight of Luke's day is actually at the end when his mom comes to tuck him in.
  • But one day she falls asleep in the middle of telling him a story and he realizes the strain that their lifestyle is having on her.
  • It requires a lot of courage, but Luke suggests that maybe he's too old to be tucked in.