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And Then There Were None Tough-o-Meter

By Agatha Christie

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Things can get a little archaic in a Christie novel (after all, who’s up-to-date with proper early 1900s British-isms?) but for the most part, And Then There Were None is pretty easy to follow. Sure, it’s a mystery, so definitely pay attention (and at least follow who’s dying in what order), but the book doesn’t try to confuse its readers via strange text and meandering syntax. Instead, it baffles readers through its weird, seemingly impossible plot.

Thankfully, Christie’s got us covered there as well. As long as you read to the very end (yes, even past Vera’s suicide), you’ll learn all the secrets of how the killer pulled off his maniacal scheme. Pretty nice that Christie wraps it all up for us at the end, huh?

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