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Anthony “Tony” Marston in And Then There Were None

By Agatha Christie

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Anthony “Tony” Marston

Anthony Marston is the first victim, which means we only get to spend a few hours in his delightful presence. What a shame! He’s young, rich, and—let’s not forget—egotistical man who Wargrave chooses as a victim because he ran over two kids with his car and didn’t even seem to register that it’s a bad thing. Nice.

Anthony has got a bad case of affluenza: he’s a rich and attractive man who’s chosen to act like a spoiled child with no regard to consequences. It doesn’t help that he’s got looks on his side, too. As our narrator tells us, “Several young women looked at him admiringly—his six feet of well-proportioned body, his crisp hair, tanned face, and intensely blue eyes” (1.82).

At times, he even seems “something more than mortal” (2.105). However, joke’s on Anthony: because his sense of his own immortality, he ends up dying first after taking a drink and dismissing the charges that are brought before him. Good riddance.

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