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And Then There Were None Chapter Eight

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Eight

  • The three men set out to find the killer. It’s a pretty small island, so it shouldn’t be too much work, right?
  • Plus, Lombard says that he has a revolver in case they get into any tight spots. Like the boy scouts say, be prepared.
  • They go section by section on the island, looking for anything that might be a good hiding spot like a cave or, say, a secret bat lair.
  • Along they way, they run into General Macarthur who’s sitting out and looking at the ocean. He seems like he’s in an odd trance, and when they say hello to him he says some mysterious vague things about running out of time.
  • They need to search one side of a cliff, and Blore goes off to find some rope so they can climb down and take a look at it.
  • Meanwhile back with the women, Vera feels weird about hanging out with Miss Brent because she keeps thinking about what the old lady did to that poor servant girl.
  • She goes for a little walk and comes across General Macarthur. They have a chat, and he says that he’s waiting for the end and that none of them are going to leave the island.
  • Suuuper creepy.
  • General Macarthur admits to Vera that he sent his wife’s lover into battle to be killed.
  • Blore finds a rope and Lombard uses it to climb down the cliff, but … nothing. And that means that they now need to search the house, which is the last place that anyone could be hiding from them.
  • They go through the house but find nothing. But wait! They hear a sound coming from Mrs. Rogers’ room.
  • The three men burst into the room to find Mr. Rogers gathering up his things. They apologize awkwardly.
  • Guess there’s no one else on the island after all. It’s just them.

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