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And Then There Were None Chapter Eleven

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Eleven

  • The next morning Philip Lombard wakes up at daybreak as usual and notices that Mr. Rogers hasn’t knocked on his door to call him for breakfast. Peculiar.
  • He calls together everyone else, and they’re horrified to see that there are now only six china figures sitting out.
  • Afterwards, they find Rogers’ body in the wash house. He was killed while chopping up wood in the morning.
  • Vera gets a little hysterical and begins to laugh since the next line of the poem states that a bee stings one of the little soldiers. There are no bees on the island!
  • Dr. Armstrong slaps her, because apparently that’s what you do with hysterical women, and she calms down.
  • Everything is extremely polite and civil during breakfast, but inside, all the characters are observing each other and trying to figure out who the true killer among them is.

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