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And Then There Were None Chapter Fifteen

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Fifteen

  • The remaining three people are befuddled. They have breakfast and Blore tries to convince Lombard to hand over the revolver (which he declines, of course).
  • Vera reads the poem and says that in the latest line, there is a “red herring.” She takes this to mean that Dr. Armstrong isn’t really dead and he’s hiding somewhere waiting to kill the rest of them.
  • They search the house and go around the island trying to flash mirrors at the mainland again, but nothing happens and no one comes to save them.
  • Blore decides to go back to the house while Vera and Lombard sit outside.
  • Suddenly, they hear a loud noise like an earthquake. They run back to the house to find that Blore has been killed.
  • A large marble clock in the shape of the bear was dropped out a window onto his head.
  • Vera and Lombard are now convinced that Dr. Armstrong really is hiding somewhere and that he killed Blore, but then they look out to see and find Dr. Armstrong’s body floating in the water.

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