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And Then There Were None Chapter Five

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Five

  • Well, that certainly put an end to the dinner party.
  • Dr. Armstrong inspects Anthony Marston’s drink and finds that there was cyanide in his glass. They think that he must have committed suicide by putting the poison in his drink, because… that makes sense?
  • Anyway, after carrying the body into its bedroom, they decide to go to sleep.
  • Dunno about you, but we wouldn’t have been getting much sleep that night.
  • Everyone locks their bedroom door because they are quite disturbed by what has happened.
  • Downstairs, Rogers notices that there are only nine soldier figurines left. Weird, huh?
  • In his room, General Macarthur sits down to do some thinking, during which he lets us know that his wife, Leslie, had been sleeping with another man the whole time.
  • Turns out that General Macarthur really had sent that man to his death, and he wasn’t at all sorry.
  • But now he’s starting to feel a little sorry. In fact, as he lies there, he realizes that he doesn’t want to leave the island at all.
  • Vera is lying awake too, thinking about Cyril and how she let him swim out too far. It seems that her lover Hugo couldn’t marry her because he didn’t have any money, but he was all set to inherit the money of Cyril’s family—right up until Cyril was born.
  • Hm, sounds like someone might have wanted Cyril dead.

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