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And Then There Were None Chapter Fourteen

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Fourteen

  • They all go back to bed, though there are four of them now and they’re awfully suspicious of each other.
  • Not to be flippant or anything, but this is giving new meaning to “voted off the island.”
  • When Lombard opens the drawer in his room, he finds that the revolver is back in its drawer. Whaaa?
  • Vera considers just barricading herself in her room for the next few days until help arrives, but then she thinks about how she’ll be stuck with the memory of Cyril.
  • Then she looks up and notices a large black hook that she never saw before. Bam! Anvil of foreshadowing crashes down again.
  • Blore thinks he hears someone moving around outside in the hallway and he goes to inspect. He doesn’t catch whoever is moving around, but then he decides to knock on the doors to see who is still in their bedrooms.
  • Lombard and Vera are in their rooms, but Dr. Armstrong is missing.
  • Lombard and Blore go off to search the island for Dr. Armstrong while Vera stays in her room.
  • When they return, they tell her that they can’t find Dr. Armstrong anywhere. It’s like he’s vanished clean off the island.
  • There is one clue though—one of the windows has been broken and another china figurine has been smashed, so we’re betting that’s dead.

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