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And Then There Were None Chapter Nine

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Nine

  • At first they think that maybe they just have crazy imaginations and the two deaths were a coincidence.
  • Or, Blore suggests, maybe Dr. Armstrong may have accidentally doped Mrs. Rogers the night before. Yeah, Dr. Armstrong is not at all pleased with that suggestion.
  • Under questioning, Lombard reveals that he too was asked to come to Soldier Island and promised some money—and that’s why he brought the revolver to the island. But now he thinks that he’s in it with the rest of them and that they’re in a trap.
  • Seems like a reasonable deduction.
  • The gong sounds and everyone comes in for lunch—after all, you have to observe the lunch gong, even when murderers might be wandering around.
  • But where’s General Macarthur? We’ll give you three guesses.
  • Honestly, we bet you don’t even need one. He’s dead—and there are only seven figurines left.
  • After examining the body, Dr. Armstrong says that he was hit with something in the back of the head. Which means someone’s definitely going around killing people off.
  • Like a true judge, Justice Wargrave goes about seeing if they can eliminate anyone as a killer.
  • No such luck. It seems that everyone is suspect.

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