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And Then There Were None Chapter Seven

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Seven

  • After breakfast, Miss Brent and Vera walk to the summit to look for the boat that’s totally not going to come.
  • Miss Brent is pretty sure that Rogers and his wife killed someone, and Vera supports that theory.
  • Vera doesn’t like that suggestion too much, because, if one of the accusations was true, doesn’t that mean that they’re all true?
  • Yeah … about that. Miss Brent reveals to Vera that Beatrice Taylor was a girl who worked for her. When the girl became pregnant, Miss Brent ended up firing her and casting her out.
  • Dr. Armstrong and Lombard both agree that the deaths of Marston and Mrs. Rogers may not have been suicides or accidents—they may be getting killed off.
  • They choose this moment to realize that the nursery rhyme and the deaths of the first two people are eerily similar to the lines in the poem.
  • Dun dun dun… And the plot thickens.
  • Lombard—who might be just a little thick—says that they have to find Mr. Owen immediately by searching the whole island. They decide to get Blore to help them, but not to tell the women. Because you know how women are, right??

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