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And Then There Were None Chapter Six

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Six

  • Dr. Armstrong wakes up from a nightmare to find that Mr. Rogers is shaking him awake all stressed out because Mrs. Rogers isn’t waking up.
  • The doctor quickly figures out why: Mrs. Rogers is dead, but the only thing she took last night was the drugs that Dr. Armstrong gave her. Hmmmmm.
  • Also, if we were on this island, we’d be swimming to shore or building a raft right about now.
  • Downstairs, everyone is up waiting for breakfast and looking out to see when the boat will come. It—and actually this doesn’t surprise us at all—doesn’t seem to be appearing when it should.
  • Dr. Armstrong comes on downstairs to brighten (jk) everyone’s morning by telling them that Mrs. Rogers died in her sleep.
  • There are lots of opinions. Blore thinks that Mr. Rogers must have poisoned her, while Miss Brent thinks that God struck Mrs. Rogers down for her sinfulness.
  • Sure. Seems legit.
  • Lombard and Blore stand outside talking. Neither of them thinks that the boat will come because it’s obviously a big trap, and they’re not going to get off the island that easily.
  • And then Mr. Rogers lets Dr. Armstrong know that another odd thing has happened: the soldiers keep disappearing when someone dies. Now there’s only eight left.

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