Study Guide

And Then There Were None Chapter Sixteen

By Agatha Christie

Chapter Sixteen

  • Now only Vera and Lombard are left and they’re both convinced that the other person is the killer, which seems fairly logical actually.
  • Vera helps Lombard move Dr. Armstrong’s body but in the process picks his pocket and takes the revolver from him. Nice!
  • When he comes towards her, she shoots him. Now she’s the one little soldier still left on the island, which means it was Vera all along, right??
  • Not so much.
  • She goes back into the dining room and throws away the remaining soldier figurines and takes the last one up to her room with her.
  • When she gets to her room, she lets the soldier figurine drop to the ground in surprise.
  • There is already a noose tied to the hook on the ceiling, and a chair beneath it as well.
  • Vera decides that Hugo (her lovah) must want her to kill herself, so she goes towards the noose and hangs herself.
  • No more soldiers left on Soldier Island.